Weight Loss Management Resources

Dr. Hendrick and the team at Medical Metabolic Specialists have compiled a list of metabolic weight loss management resources for both patients and physicians. Our goal is to help make your weight loss efforts more approachable and achievable.

For Patients:

>> Body Mass Index (BMI) Table

Your BMI is a measurement based on your height and weight. While it is not meant to accurately measure your percentage of body fat, BMI is a useful tool to quickly estimate a healthy body weight based on your height. Please note, due to additional factors such as the distribution of muscle and bone mass, BMI is NOT appropriate to use as the only or final assessment of optimal weight.

Also try the BMI Calculator.

>> Weight Loss Management Tips for Adults 

With so much information available online, we understand how overwhelming it can be when beginning your weight loss journey. At Medical Metabolic Specialists, we strive to provide clear, manageable recommendations to help you lose weight the healthy way. Please consult your doctor if you want to lose weight and discuss whether weight loss is advisable for you.

>> Healthy Eating: It’s a Family Affair

While parents usually decide what kids eat, it’s no secret that kids will eat (especially snacks) what’s available. Therefore, the key to healthy families is surrounding everyone with healthier options. Getting the family on board with healthy life choices will also help individuals when it comes to losing weight.

>> ASBP Video Series: The Weight of the Nation

Brought to you by HBO and the nation’s leading research institutions, this documentary series confronts the realities of living with obesity. Broken down into four parts, each segment addresses something different from the true scope of the obesity epidemic to the damage obesity is doing to our nation’s children.

Learn more about the project here.

>> Video: “New Treatment Guidelines for Obesity”

Fad diets and “miracle pills” are flooding the weight loss market, making weight loss even more difficult. Through all the clutter, the team at Medical Metabolic Specialists believe in a holistic, lifestyle approach to weight loss, which includes a healthy diet and adequate exercise. This quick video helps to explain why.

For Physicians:

>> Effective Exam Room Communication with Patients

As a health care provider, you are in an ideal position to talk to your patients about weight control since excess weight can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other medical problems. At Medical Metabolic Specialists, we understand that this conversation is not always easy to have but is certainly important.

>> Patient Referral Form

Last updated on March 18, 2017