The first step is recognizing that you’re ready for change.

Our comprehensive program is backed by science and geared towards helping you make meaningful lifestyle changes. Unlike traditional weight loss clinics, our approach addresses the important issues of: behavior, nutrition, emotion, disease and medication along with how they relate to weight and overall wellbeing.

At Medical Metabolic Specialists, we create customized plans to help you understand the importance of losing weight, teach you the tools you need to lose weight and guide you through the entire process. We are most proud of the fact that our program not only encourages losing weight but also keeping it off in the future.

Medical Metabolic Specialists of Fort Collins is led by Dr. James Hendrick, an obesity medicine specialist. Dr. Hendrick’s primary goal is to help patients understand their obstacles, manage their metabolism and help them learn how to safely and effectively lose weight. Learn more about Dr. Hendrick

Meet Dr. Hendrick

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