Insurance Information

Physician services at Medical Metabolic Specialists are billed to your health insurance. We work with most insurance companies, however some of our services, such as body composition testing, are not covered by insurance. If you need these services, you will incur some expense.

When you decide to participate in our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program, the first step is to undergo a comprehensive medical assessment, which will help us better understand your unique weight loss needs. Not only do we record your measurements and health history but we also explain the process and fully address any questions you may have. It’s important for us to understand your current body composition, using Bioelectric Impedance and Dual Energy X-Ray, so that we can set obtainable milestones. During this stage, we work to establish a partnership with the ultimate goal of happier and healthier life in mind.

These services cannot be billed to insurance and result in an out-of-pocket expense. The physician visits are all billed to insurance, and we make every effort we can to minimize expense to you.

Last updated on February 3, 2016