Recent Research: Metabolic Fitness Programs as Therapeutic Option

During a recent research study, patients with fatty liver disease reduced their Body Mass Index (BMI) following a regimented health education, nutrition and exercise program. This holistic approach to weight loss is very similar to the comprehensive program at Medical Metabolic Specialists.

According to Monica Konerman, one of the physicians working on the study, “Highly structured lifestyle programs with regimented diet and exercise components often have the highest efficacy for weight loss.” The program designed for the study spanned over 12 weeks and consisted of 45 minutes of an educational lecture on nutrition, exercise and how things such as stress can influence metabolic syndrome. Following the educational component, participants did 45 minutes of a moderate intensity aerobic and resistance based exercise session supervised by exercise physiologists. The workouts are instructed by experts to provide safety, education and individualized feedback.

Overall, 22.5% of the enrolled participants (495) achieved a 5% reduction of baseline weight, 5% achieved a 10% or greater reduction of baseline weight. While Konerman describes additional results, the main takeaway is that the program was very successful of achieving weight loss. This reinforces the importance of lifestyle interventions and taking a long-term approach to weight loss.

Original Source: Healio

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