Medical Metabolic Specialists Patient Testimonials

“Before I went to see Dr. Hendrick, I was on five medications (three of which were for high blood pressure) and just felt tired and bloated all the time. My family physician recommended that I have the lapband surgery or one of the other bariatric surgeries out there. He also gave me Dr. Hendrick’s name as a non-evasive way to improve my life. After doing extensive research on the surgeries, I realize it was not for me and I was extremely determined and motivated to make this work. After 10 months at MMS, I am off of four of my medications, down 81 pounds, and feel more energized than I have in many years. I have three younger kids that I run and play sports with, and can just keep up with now. I am still determined to lose more weight and get off that last medication.”
– Debbie

“I have lost about twenty-five pounds, which was a blessing but not as great as how I have been able to reduce and/or eliminate medications with all blood work greatly improved. The most valuable part of my experience was the positive support and commitment to genuinely help me improve my health. I would definitely recommend MMS to a friend; however, it takes two – Dr. Hendrick & his staff are great but you also have to be committed to improve.”
– Charles

“I have struggled with weight since I was 12 years old. I have tried many diet plans and lost weight many times, and always thought about food constantly. This is the first time that I believe that I can keep it off. I have lost almost 65 lbs. and I am not hungry all the time. I have learned to enjoy exercise and really ‘life’.”
– Janet

“I am 57 years old and have always wanted to lose those extra pounds. Easy to think about, harder to do until my general doctor chided my cholesterol levels – borderline going to the up direction. Rather than go on medicine, I opted to try MMS. I am thrilled with the progress I am making and appreciate the support of the MMS clinic. Thank you, thank you. I am reaching my goal to live a healthier lifestyle.”
– Manetta

“Never was the guy with the 6 pack abs but after slowly adding pounds in my 20s & 30s, I found myself at 235 lbs at 5’8″ in my late 30s. Clothes were uncomfortable, stairs were a pain & I looked awful. I lost about 45 lbs in the last 6 months and have changed my eating habits now that I know how to build a meal. I would recommend MMS to anyone.”
– Darin

“I’ve been traveling along the road to weight loss for the past 50 years. Along the way, I have been side-tracked by many lose-weight-fast paths and have fallen off the road many, many times. At the age of 60, I suddenly was faced with three “highs” with the names of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. At the proverbial fork in the road, I sought out the help of Dr. James Hendrick and his supportive staff at Medical Metabolic Specialists. My path was set straight and my destination became clear. As I become closer to achieving my weight loss and health goals, I know that I am on the right road!”
– Marilyn

“I have battled overweight since I was a toddler. I’ve been through everything from Weight Watchers to liquid fasts and gastric bypass. This total approach (medical, exercise, and psychology) works – just like everything else when you follow the path laid out for you.”
– Pat

“I’ve had terrible eating habits all my life. My folks used to send me with snacks (like milk and cake) for recess to put some “meat on my bones.” As an adult, I kept gaining weight. I once went to individual nutritional counseling through my HMO and lost 25 lbs. I kept it off for five years and regained it all back by seven years. I quit going to the gym after a foot injury. At this point in my life, I needed a severe lifestyle change. I didn’t just need to lose weight. Coaching has led me to accountability for my actions and I’m a different person now. I am still a work in progress and will continue to improve.”
– Peg

“I gained a lot of weight during two crucial periods in my life – the weight gain was closely connected to two episodes of severe depression and also to ongoing medication for depression. I lost weight in the Weight Watchers program, gained it ALL PLUS MORE back; lost weight in the Metabolic Research Centers program and once again gained it all back PLUS A LOT MORE. Resigned myself to being obese. After several years of living with this situation, my primary care doc referred me to Dr. Hendrick and I began the journey with him with very tentative feelings. Step by step, though, Dr. Hendrick’s program WORKED: 1) By keeping in mind what I learned from him; and 2) By going slowly and customizing the program to fit my lifestyle and my specific biology and situation. I lost weight – AND, even more significantly – have been successful so far at keeping it off. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Hendrick and his wonderful staff for taking me on this journey and for equipping me with life skills that will help ensure long-term success. I appreciate all the positive feedback and moral support they have continued to give me, and I am glad to have a place – a resource – to come back to if I need to.”
– Sharolyn

“For the past decade, my weight continued to increase to a very unhealthy level. I attribute this to very unhealthy eating habits and multiple pregnancies. I tried various weight loss programs half-heartedly and never made the full lifestyle change that was needed. My cholesterol was very high and I knew weight related health issues were around the corner. I decided it was time to make a real change in my life. With just small changes, I saw major improvements. At each milestone, I pushed myself to do better. I have lost over 70 lbs in 8 months and feel great, all with the support of Dr. Hendrick, his lifestyle change plan for losing weight and getting healthy, as well as a lot of hard work and determination. The program provided simple steps that I was to do to start out on my weight loss journey. Meeting with the doctor monthly helped keep me on track and give myself small goals for the next visit that were attainable…the truth of the matter is that I have so much more energy than I did before losing weight. I now have energy to play with my children, exercise daily, clean the house, work on the yard and the motivation to go out to be social with others.”
– Sue

““Found that after retirement, I was putting on extra weight while still exercising. Dr. Hendrick created a diet for me that set limits and made me accountable for my results. Worked on me physically as well as mentally, which is a big part of my success. Have had great results and I’m feeling and moving much better.”
– William

“I have been seeing Dr. Hendrick for a year and have not only lost weight but more importantly, my physical health has improved along with my mental and spiritual life. I have been on many weight loss programs and lost weight only to gain it back. With the help of Dr. Hendrick and his staff, I not only lost weight but also learned about food and how it relates to my body and mind. I learned that certain foods are very addictive and trigger my desire to over eat, even food that can be considered healthy to some. Those foods that are very addictive make it hard, if not impossible, to control the amount I eat. I have a whole new outlook on my relationship with food. This is the difference between their weight loss programs and other weight loss programs. I would highly recommend the Bariatric and Lifestyle program with Dr. Hendrick. It has given me a whole new understanding of my body and how it relates to food.”
– Rita

““I started going to Dr. Hendrick in April 2017. It got involved with how I eat, what I eat and it has been fun talking and having help from Dr. Hendrick along with great support. I enjoy what I’m eating and it is a fun challenge. I feel better, my knees quit hurting when I walk and I have gotten 5” off my waist.”
– Larry

DXA Scan images: A true testament of Sue’s hard work.

To help better explain the results shown through DXA scan images, we’ve put together narratives to demonstrate real-life experiences.

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Last updated on December 27, 2017