Research Update: Eating Late Can Have Negative Health Consequences

Last February, we posted an article that highlighted research on the correlation between eating late and your blood sugar. The study concluded that ultimately, when food is consumed late at night, when our glucose tolerance is lowest, the body is more likely to store those calories as fat rather than burn it as energy. Repeatedly […]

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Blood Sugar & Your Internal Clock

You’ve heard it before, “Late dinners are bad for your health,” but do you actually know why? Recent research has strengthened the link between blood sugar and your internal clock, helping to explain why late dinners are potentially detrimental to your overall health. A few definitions to consider first: Glucose Tolerance: The ability to regulate […]

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Tips For Avoiding Workday Snacking

Maybe it’s stress eating, sheer boredom or even just the fact your co-worker brings in killer homemade baked goods seemingly every day, but it feels like opportunities for unhealthy grazing abound in most office environments. If you consistently start your work day vowing to make balanced choices yet find yourself reaching for that second doughnut by […]

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Mediterranean Diet May Have Additional Positive Side Effects

“Now, researchers say that eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with four tablespoons per day of extra-virgin olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer.” By now, you’ve certainly heard of the Mediterranean diet – a pattern of eating that mostly emphasizes fish, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. Over the last few years, the […]

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Importance of Weight Loss and Physical Function For Older Cancer Survivors

The main question: Do lifestyle interventions (weight loss and physical function) have a beneficial impact on older, sicker cancer survivors? Researchers understand that cancer is most often a disease of aging, and frequently, a disease for which obesity is actually a high risk factor. As a result, many cancer survivors are older, overweight or obese, […]

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