Medical Metabolic Specialists Weight Loss Clinic

About Us

If you are looking for a weight loss clinic to help you deal with the causes of being overweight and meet your individual needs, Medical Metabolic Specialists is for you.

James Hendrick MD, FACP is an obesity medicine specialist who focuses on the prevention and treatment of obesity and its associated conditions. His goal is to help patients understand their obstacles and manage their metabolism to help them learn how to lose weight.

Unlike traditional weight loss clinics you see advertised, our comprehensive approach addresses the important issues of behavior, nutrition, emotion, disease, and medication along with how they relate to your weight. We use the latest scientific techniques to create a comprehensive, individualized, lifelong weight management program to improve your overall health and happiness.

When you decide to participate in our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program, the first stop is to undergo a comprehensive medical assessment, which will help us better understand your unique weight loss needs.

We will obtain an extensive health history, analyze your body composition to show us how much fat and lean tissues you have.

After we gather this information, you will return for an initial consultation to meet Dr. Hendrick.  This visit generally lasts about 90 minutes and includes a review of your history, an extensive interview and a physical examination. Dr. Hendrick and his staff will create an individualized plan of action to address your medical concerns, nutritional needs, emotional well being, and physical activity, with the key features of improving your knowledge base and thinking strategies. Dr. Hendrick will also add, change, or discontinue prescription medications as appropriate.

During your period of active weight loss, you will see Dr. Hendrick in our weight loss clinic every one to four weeks, depending on your needs. We are committed to providing you with the skills you need to maintain lifelong happiness, health, and weight loss. These visits will aim to grow your awareness, understanding, and ability to overcome the obstacles you face.

When the time is right, you will transition to a focus on weight maintenance. By this time we hope you will be confident in your skills and knowledge and will be able to overcome both recurring and unpredictable problems. Occasional visits with Dr. Hendrick will ensure you remain on course.